Boost Your Immune System for Fall

With the sun and heat in full force it is hard to even think about the cool months of fall just around the corner…but now is the time to start strengthening and building up your immune system for the pressures of fall.

The sun has given us a good boost of Vitamin D, which is important for our overall health and immune function. We also want to boost up our bodies natural antioxidant defences.  For this I recommend doTERRA’s On Guard essential oil.


You can diffuse a couple of drops of On Guard in your favourite diffuser, dilute one drop into four fluid ounces of liquid and drink, add it to your all natural cleaning product or try adding a drop to to some fractionated coconut oil and rub it on your feet.

For more information about additional uses and benefits of doTERRA On Guard go to:

Key ingredients include:
Wild Orange Peel
Clove Bud
Cinnamon Bark
Eucalyptus Leaf
Rosemary Leaf/Flower

There are a variety of different On Guard products available that include this powerful essential oil  including: beadles, soft gels, concentrated cleaner, foaming hand wash, laundry detergent, natural whitening toothpaste, and throat drops.

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Cooling Lavender & Witch Hazel Spray

With the heat of summer upon us it isn’t uncommon for people to suffer from edema, sunburn, rashes and insect bites. Rather than rushing out to stock up your medicine cabinet with an expensive array of different lotions and products, you can easily and cheaply make an amazing multi-purpose spray using 2 simple ingredients: Witch Hazel and Lavender Essential Oil.


Witch Hazel is a topical astringent you can purchase at any pharmacy or health food store that is derived from the bark and leaves of the North American witch hazel shrub. Witch Hazel is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and has amazing healing properties for your skin. Witch Hazel aids in everything from cleaning wounds, to fading bruises, shrinking swollen veins, to healing rashes, and soothing burns and itchy bug bites.

Lavender is the Swiss army knife of essential oils. It is well known for its diversity of uses and it’s anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. Likewise lavender essential oil can be used to relieve pain, heal skin conditions, improve blood circulation, relieve stress and improve sleep.


To make a DIY Lavender Witch Hazel Spray simply combine 1/2 cup of alcohol free witch hazel with 10 drops of lavender essential oil in a glass spray bottle. Shake well and spray on irritated or swollen skin. Store your spray in the fridge for addedcooling properties.

Summer Hours

West Coast Reflexology Victoria Michele Mork

West Coast Reflexology will open regular hours for most of the summer, but I do have some summer vacation time scheduled. Please note that the studio will be closed from August 11 to August 26, while I enjoy some summer sunshine and relaxation with the family. Due to the decrease in hours over the month of August, my schedule typically fills up fast, so please be sure to book your appointments over the summer months and into September ASAP to ensure that you are able to get in for a treatment during a time and date that works for you!

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Recent Dien Chan Module 1 and Chan’beauté Training

This past month I recently went to Vancouver for a second training session on Dien Chan Module 1 and Chan‘beauté multireflexology training. A good friend of mine and fellow reflexology therapist & Dien Chan practitioner in Calgary, Erica Layton hosted the training session.

Each time I have completed this training program I am ever more inspired about it’s healing and beauty benefits.

Here’s a pic of the crew that took the spring 2018 training in Vancouver.

Dien Chan Chan'beauté Reflexology

For those of you that are wondering what Dien Chan, Chan’beauté is all about here is a brief explanation (excerpt taken from

“Born from Multireflexology – Dien Chan, Chan’beauté offers aesthetic treatments with a therapeutic dimension. Our philosophy is totally the opposite to that of the beauty industry.

THEIRS: Use of machines, surgery and other invasive procedures, such as injectables that ultimately are only effective because of their toxicity and only enhance a youthful appearance, temporarily.

OURS: A non-invasive, modern, cutting-edge technique using simple, natural hand tools to bring out your natural beauty – literally! No knives! No needles!

And remember the secret – Inner harmony = Outer beauty!

Here’s an example of how Dien Chan, Chan’beauté techniques can be used to help with your beauty routine using the Small Brush No. 252: