Hot Stone Reflexology

This is a great course for reflexologists who would like to expand their current offering and knowledge of reflexology. Great for the fall and winter!This hot stone reflexology course gives you the opportunity to learn how to prepare, use and care for your stones and clients. You will experience the effect of the stones yourself and learn how to use them properly, safely and to maximum benefit for your client.The stones used are both warm and cool stones and the use of either or both alternating temperatures can quickly and effectively open up energy and reflex pathways with minimal pressure or work required by the practitioner. 

Hot stones at West Coast Reflexology
Hot Stone Reflexology with Michele Mork
Foot reflexology with hot stones between toes

Course Outline

What you will learn:

  • History of how stones have been used for therapeutic purposes
  • Suitable stones for Hot Stone Reflexology for the client and practitioner
  • How to prepare the stones
  • Correct use and management of the stones
  • Proper handling techniques
  • Hot vs Cold Stones
  • Stone sizes for special uses
  • The effect of using the stones
  • Hot Stone reflex massage techniques
  • Energy and vibrational healing including meridians and chakra work
  • Reflexology and Hot Stone combination treatment
  • Contraindications and contractions
  • Methods of heating the stones, including temperature control
  • Aftercare
  • Stone cleaning, care and storage
  • Health and safety


  • Fee to attend course only: $TBD
  • Fee for certification: $TBD ($ to attend + $ for certification) – Requires case studies and practical exam.

NOTE: Stones and equipment not included in the price.

You can pay to attend the course ONLY and then decide upon course completion to become certified. The additional $150 certification fee must be paid prior to completing your case studies & practical exam.