Keep on rolling….

It’s running season and with that means tight muscles in the feet, calves and legs. So what can you do in between reflexology treatments?

Just roll with it….


Grab a ball, depending on how tight and sore you are, either a tennis ball or road hockey ball is ideal and roll from the bottom of your foot to the tip of your toes. You don’t need to use a lot of pressure. Sit comfortably, starting from the heel slowly roll the ball from one side to the other side repeatedly.


Next roll the ball from the heel to the top of each toe and back down slowly repeatedly. You can feel the stretch all the way up the legs.


The line from your heel along the inside up to the big toe is a great stretch for your superficial back line and your skeletal system


Stretch right up to each toe!

This is an easy way to incorporate a stretch into your day – take a ball to the office, at the end of the day while watching TV or before you touch your feet on the ground in the morning. Whenever is convenient for you just as long as you keep on rolling.