Do These 12 Massages When You Wake Up

Book Your Appointment Now with West Coast ReflexologyDien Chan Multireflexology has 12 Massages that anyone can perform to help their body find strength for natural auto-regulation and improved wellness.

Check out this video that provides a visual guide to how to perform each of the 12 massages. They only a take a few minutes to complete.

Try out each massage and see which ones you like best. The best time to perform them is first thing in the morning when you wake up. If you don’t have time to perform all 12 massages #7 and #12 are the most important ones for rebalancing the body after waking up.


These 12 facial massages become really useful to maintain health and youth, to prevent illnesses and to generally reinforce tonicity. Practicing these massages in the morning will help you to develop a a preventive attitude and a life philosophy based on self-regulation.